Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Interview with Benji Van Fleet

If you remember, during the last week of October 2006 our team was preaching at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, and I wrote in my report:

"One professing Christian opposed us the first day, ripping up his own Bible in front of me, but later that night fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and fell on his face before God, weeping, and came a totally changed person the next day. He spent the rest of the week aiding us, preaching about repentance, and encouraging the work." (see: Texas Tech, Oct. 2006)

Well, after we left New Mexico for Oklahoma, we passed through Lubbock once again and stopped at Texas Tech to meet Jesse who was there preaching. It was great to be able to visit a campus twice, as there were many people we befriended and were able to catch up with. One of those friends was Benji, who, when we first came through, ripped up a Bible right in front of me as I was preaching, but the next day came to the meeting a totally changed person! Benji told us it was that evening when his whole life changed and Jesus claimed the throne of his heart. Glory to God!

It was wonderful to see him again, and it was our privilege to make this video about his story. Just another testimony of the Lord's transforming power in this world.


Anonymous said...


Great video! I love the intro and outro's. God is good. What a great testimony of His grace in saving that man from His sins, from "selfishness".

I am very encouraged by watching this.


Luke Coughey said...


Praise the Lord for your willingness to be used by Him. Keep it up brother.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, all heaven rejoices over Benji. What a transformation, of what the Lord did for him. Thank you Jesus...

Anonymous said...

Eli, I miss ya so much man! What an awesome testimony! God be with you.

Tim Dunn

Anonymous said...

Hey Eli This is Benji,

I hope you all are well, and that God is continuing to grow all of the disciples of God's love for creation.

I just wanted to comment on this video of me. It was not a conversion experience in 2006, but it was a repentance for sure. I had known the Lord well before that point, but my encounter with your group made me question and consider my complacency in faith.

Please leave the video up, so long as it is understood that I belonged to the Lord long before, and belong to God, ever more.

Very Sincerely,

Benji Van Fleet