Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Apologia Evangelion


Anonymous said...

Great video!

Josh Parsley

Micah and Katie said...

Amen Brother! And I mean Amen!!! Micah

Anonymous said...

To God be all glory, and dominion, and power, and might, and strength, and wisdom, and honour, from this generation, and for ever!


Anonymous said...

Praise God! Glory to Him!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Eli said...

We currently have this video in a much higher quality, and I'm working on getting it online to replace this one.

Eli said...

I've upgraded the video to a much higher quality.

Anonymous said...

Praise God, this is great stuff.

Unknown said...

Hey I'm a student from Ramapo College of New Jersey. It's me Eivin (CCC)!

I like how you used science especially being patient with the people that don't give you the time to explain your stuff.

Lastly, you used ethical mannerisms that my Global Ethics class teaches me. For example, you're not being a hypocrite when you make your case but those opposing your are hypocritical when they say the briefcase is not briefcase but a house when you SPECIFICALLY gave them the criteria on what is a briefcase and what is a house; you used a very scientific method and it shows that the other guys were not listening to you.

Also, I like the part when someone asked you how can we trust the authors of the Bible if they were men and are subject to errors and fallacy; the pen with man and God using man idea was cool. It's logical.
My Global Ethics teacher is an Anamist. He used to be a Roman Catholic (elementary school and high school) but the nuns and priests pushed him away. He does agree with me that Christ was very ethical when he talked to people and he admires everything he taught, but my teacher does oppose the Christians now (and the other denominations) who are rationalizing His teachings and use it for personal gain or warping other people's views using false logic/ false scripture.

Thanks for giving me the guts to tell my Roman Catholic friends that I'm different now; I'm a Christian who uses science, and I don't like it when others abuse science since science has it's limitations and it's bound by this 'human realm' only and it cannot be used in the 'supernatural realm' of God who defies science ie: time and Equivalent Exchange.