Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Human Government vs. The Kingdom of God

The following was written in response to a question asked me concerning the current U.S. election and a comment Hillary Clinton made about Iran and Israel.

I can't remember if we talked politics or not when you were in Logan, but, as Christians, our relationship with human government is casual at best. We belong to the kingdom Jesus spoke of to Pontius Pilate in John 18:36. I am neither a republican nor democrat. Men were never designed to exist independent of the sovereignty of God, and the history of our attempt consistently proves disastrous. The only form of government I come under is Theocracy, with Christ as King, and I believe that one day, according to Scripture, the whole world will come under His divine authority. However, in the mean time, Christians are exhorted to respect and obey the present human governments, understanding their place and role, so far as they do not interfere with the believers conscience. Almost always they do, hence the bloody martyr's story. Human governments that attempt to exist as the Kingdom of God on earth (such as the Holy Roman Empire; Crusaders; even 'Christian America') are unscriptural and not in accordance with Christ's statement, "Now is my kingdom not of this world... if it were, my followers would fight for me." So we have to be careful to distinguish between true Christianity and the christianity that is so often projected today.

So my view on the election, and Hillary's comment, is that I see sinners trying to lead sinners for the sake of power and it is sheer corruption and blindness. God alone is the rightful King of all men, and until this world learns that we'll find ourselves again treading the oft repeated course of disaster.

Concerning Israel, they, by God, were established as a Theocratic nation, and if you know their history Israel rejected God and met with defeat and exile time and time again. Was this a mistake by God? No! God knew this would happen; it was for His eternal purposes and in His wisdom to do this, to declare to all mankind the sinfulness of men, as demonstrated by Israel, and the incapability for men to submit, obey, even love God. The revelation of Jesus Christ follows the acknowledgment of this vile condition. Christ brings life to the dead, healing to the wounded, and grace to the sinners. The future Theocratic government that will reign "from sea to sea", replacing the crooked kingdoms of men, can only work and be established through the power of the cross; the Gospel of God. Only the cross can change a man to love his neighbor, walk humbly, love justice and bow the knee to God, so that the glory of the Kingdom of God does not come from man, but from God.

Well, that's why I have no confidence in earthly governments. How can men govern the world when we can't even govern ourselves?

Your friend,


Dave Jamer said...

Hi Eli
I read your new posting with interest, and must say that I agree completely with your statements! In my opinion they are very timely and certainly scriptural!

May God continue to bless your ministry.


Jon said...

I liked this post, Eli (with the exception of you concluding rhetorical question). I wish more conservative Christians in America subscribed to your apolitical Christianity.

Anonymous said...

So glad we belong to the kingdom of God, and the government of God. It's a far better kingdom and it's eternal not just a passing; fading off into oblivion earthly government. Thank you for this word. Margie

Michael Spotts: . said...

Amen, pilgrim.