Saturday, November 11, 2006

El Paso Community College

Our stay at El Paso Community College was certainly unique and refreshing. The first day we arrived the police shut us down and demanded that we have a permit in order to preach on campus. We headed to the office to request one, but the lady who we need to see was out for lunch. After waiting over an hour for her return, it was discovered that she was not at all coming back so we decided to leave. However, on our way out we were nearly mobbed by a pack of students, and the police showed up again...

The police were angry because they had already told us we could not preach, however it was not our fault. They actually searched us and did a check to see if any one of us had a warrant of arrest! Then all of a sudden the permit lady showed up, halted the confusion, and initiated the idea that we come back tomorrow as an official school event... with chairs, microphones and amplifiers! We agreed.

So we had a fantastic meeting the next day. We preached loud and clear about sin, righteousness and judgment, exalting the holiness of God and redemption in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. People sat down for hours and got involved in the dialogue.

A large body of Christian students came out to the meeting and cheered us on, applauding as we proclaimed the Scriptures publically on their campus. It was wonderful to be received so well.

Here is a video clip of the preaching at EPCC: Eli Brayley - Freedom in Christ

This brother above testified to his classmates of being set free from homosexuality.

Praise God! Thank you dear saints for your prayers and support. You are continually an encouragement to me and I thank the Lord for you. May God make His Word to increase in our land, and may He be merciful to us, granting us time for repentance and restoration. Your brother in Christ,



Anonymous said...

praise God.


Anonymous said...

Bibles made from blood and skin,
suits woven by children,
with unpaid wages.
Living life is the greatest sin,
and here i stand,
thats what the preacher says,
as the mouth grows.
the ears get smaller,
until all we do is speak,
and no longer listen,
to the cries of the world,
for our ears have been gone so long,
that all we can remember hearing,
is praise the lord,
and other jargon
and all we know,
is what we say ourselves.


Mrs. Schaible said...

Praise God! That is great to hear!